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Exciting Electronic Music by Brain Wingrove

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Iíll bet youíve never heard of Brian Wingrove, and thatís a pity. Read on and rectify that gap in your worldview...

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BRIAN WINGROVE:Dreaming Iím Awake (CD on Filmsound Music)

This release from 2007 offers 37 minutes of exhilerating electronic music.

While electronic in nature, this music exhibits an overwhelming vitality that infuses each moment with uplifting puissance. The tunes are exceptionally tight and complex; the performance demonstrates a powerful mastery.

Intricate keyboards resound with congenial confidence. The riffs are of the nimble-fingered variety, with only a modicum of looping. These melodies are impressive testaments to positivism, laced with celebratory emotions and rollicking appeal. Instances of grand piano bestow a grandeur that oddly fits right in with the overall mood of celebration.

Percussion plays a vital role in this tuneage, establishing commanding rhythms that rattle the rafters while comfortably propelling the music.

In several pieces, synthesized horns contribute a demonstrative festivity, while another track features a curious blend of calypso percussion with flamenco guitar. One piece utilizes flutes to bolster the fanciful keyboards.

The compositions are powerful and evocative, while at the same time they deliver a strong dose of fun-time jubilation. Even the pensive songs glow with charm and exhilaration.

Highly recommended.

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