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Electronics: the Glimmer Room

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British EM band the Glimmer Room is generally known for ambient long-form compositions, but this release affords a tantalizing glimpse at more compact songs which possess a higher degree of activity.

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THE GLIMMER ROOM: Now We Are Six (CD on A-Frame Media)

This release from 2007 offers 63 minutes of engaging electronic tracks sourced from collections and live performances.

The first track appeared on the “Awakenings 2006 Volume 2” compilation. It features dreamy electronics supported by luxuriously understated e-perc. Sharp tones punctuate the sedate melody as it accretes compelling puissance.

The second track comes from the “Awakenings 2005” compilation. Darker pulsations and piercing bloops lend melodrama to this mesmerizing composition.

The third piece is from the “Ambient Collectives Colour” collection in 2006. An ominous opening leads to a lively dose of autumnal expressions with bouncy sequencers and artificial growls.

The fourth track was included on the “Awakenings 2006” and the “Progressive Music Society Portraits 4” compilations; it was recorded live at Awakenings 2005 and featured OJ (from The Jupiter 8) on guest guitar. A brief vocal recitation sets a domestic mood for what is otherwise a very cosmic excursion through a pastoral venue.

The fifth piece is the original (unreleased) version of a track from the Glimmer Room’s “Tomorrow’s Tuesday” album. Vocal samples flitter throughout this straight-ahead mood piece. Airy keyboards are counterbalanced by subtle bass notes.

The sixth track was included on the disk which accompanied an issue of “Sequences” magazine in 2004. An astral piece that drifts on self-generated sonic breezes. Before its conclusion, frostily-muted tempos rise in the distance

The seventh piece comes from the “Arctic Mist Christmas” sampler in 2006. A bevy of reverent aspects are filtered through a synthetic lens so that they convey a sadness at the same time as veneration. Optimistic rhythms and twinkling keyboards strive to lend hope to this melancholic ceremony.

The eighth track was on the disk which accompanied an issue of “Sequences” magazine in 2003. E-perc plays a stronger role here, boosting the tune into techno territory. Elongated keyboards cavort with fanciful effects to create a sprightly composition.

The ninth piece was originally on the band’s “Tomorrow’s Tuesday” album; this version is remixed by Wayne Clements and was on the “Two Up, Two Down” EP in 2002. Vocals and chugging keyboards transform this dreamy tune into a very commercial piece.

The tenth track, a live version of a track from the “Tomorrow’s Tuesday” album, comes from the band’s live performance at Awakenings 2005, and features OJ (from The Jupiter 8) on guitar and synthesizers. The remote twang of a bluesy guitar lends this heavenly electronic composition a pleasant earthiness. Sinuous e-perc bestows suitable locomotion, driving the piece toward a trancey finale.

The last track is the original version of the first track on this album; this version was recorded back in the summer of 2004. Romantic strings and idyllic chamberlain and a hint of horns on the horizon conspire to create quite a classical take on this tune.

Stepping sideways and ignoring all the background data, this album is a delightful dose of contemporary EM with a tasteful dash of modern and traditional fashions.

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