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Space Rock by Nog Cavanagh

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Nog Cavanagh is an independent musician from North Yorkshire, England. After years of playing in a variety of bands, like Liquid Hedgehog, Satori, Secret Garden, and Caustic Soup, he has released his debut solo album, which is guaranteed to appeal to fans of spacerock.

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NOG CAVANAGH:Everything Leads to Here (CD on Angry Robot Records)

This release from 2004 offers 55 minutes of stunning space rock.

Multi-instrumentalist Cavanagh is joined on this release by Mike Briggs (from the Futurists) on drum sequence on one track.

Hard percussion and searing guitar plunge the audience into a spacey realm of dazzling astral rock compositions. Electronics spin and explode, propelling the music to the outer regions of galactic space. Thunderous basslines provide a luscious foundation for this tuneage.

But the strongest attraction here are Cavanagh's guitar pyrotechnics. Manifesting a gritty brilliance with slick ease, the riffs blaze with a unique fervor, glistening like shooting stars crossing a purple twilight sky.

Even when displaying a more soothing approach, the guitar shines with tremendous allure, intertwining with dreamy electronics to achieve an edgy calm that transports the listener into hypnotic territory.

But the music is mostly hard and driving, erupting from Cavanagh's fingers to captivate and invigorate with relentless stamina. You'd expect tuneage like this to exhaust the audience, but it accomplishes quite the opposite, recharging the soul and body with electric tension.

This music features no vocals, leaving specific interpretations to the individual listener, literally urging each person to generate lavish alien landscapes inspired by these cosmic excursions.

A thoroughly rewarding sonic experience.

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