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The Eccentric Sound of Bomis Prendin

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Bomis Prendin is one of those indie bands that, once discovered, cannot be forgotten. Their music draws from numerous influences, finding a way to combine antagonizing garage sensibilities with languid ambience, producing a jarring sound that wanders all over the sonic spectrum while retaining a glistening appeal.

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BOMIS PRENDIN: Trap D’Or (double CD on Bomis Prendin Music)

This release from 2004 offers 80 minutes of quirky music on one disc, and over 10 hours of MP3s on the second disc.

Bomis Prendin is: Bomis Prendin (on drums, keys, vocals), Corvus Crorson (on guitar Brut, vocals), Miles Anderson (on guitar sublime), Candee (on skeleton keys, voice samples), and Hungry “Isaac” Hidden (on bass, vocals).

Guitars snarl and squeal, conjuring tortured rock stars dumped in a snakepit. Savage percussion generates a resolute barrier that constricts until the listeners find themselves trapped in that same pit; this plight is far from a punishment, though. A bevy of keyboards act like a fireworks display, exploding overhead and raining delight into the abyss. Rumbling basslines serve to vibrate the walls of the pit, threatening to trap the audience in a lavish cave-in. Periodic vocals embellish this tuneage with sardonic sentiments.

While the mode often changes, this music retains a determined intensity. Brutally harsh pop tunes and edgy instrumentals coexist with a vengeance that is indefatigable. Searing guitar riffs dazzle while electronics swarm like hungry locusts, devouring everything in their path. Few bands dare to combine Stockhausen with Neil Young, and even fewer manage to pull it off with such sultry charm and gritty charisma.

A certain coarseness often dominates the music, but this raw flair is utilized with expertise, revealing an engaging passion buried in the teeth-gritting experience, emotions that pummel and cascade with frenetic fervor. Even the skin-flaying tunes exhibit a hypnotic demeanor that is quite captivating.

For this release, the band has selected 25 tracks from their exhaustive vault, then compounded their surprise with a second disc featuring over ten hours of sonic treasures as MP3s.

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