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The Electronic Jazz of Gregory Kyryluk

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For many years, Gregory Kyryluk has recorded ambient electronic music as Alpha Wave Movement and Thought Guild. “Ephemeral Highways” is his first release under his given name.

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GREGORY KYRYLUK: Ephemeral Highways (CD on Harmonic Resonance Recordings)

This CD from 2005 features 48 minutes of tender electronic compositions.

Earnest piano serves up some peppy tuneage laced with peripheral effects and snappy understated percussion. Additional keyboards embellish the melodies, generating a lively aspect to the thoughtful compositions. Some tracks explore sedate landscapes, lending sentimental riffs to endearing harmonics, to produce highly evocative sonic excursions that convey the listeners to environments of soft grandeur.

The counterpoint of classical piano with modern synthesizers creates a fusion of soul and technology. The tunes unfurl with comfortable ease, gingerly seducing the audience into a realm of earthbound melodies that exude sincere humanity. Kyryluk utilizes these relaxed tunes to produce a spiritual travelogue that journeys through terrain where lavish displays of nature are captured and codified into sonic arrangements of soothing disposition. This music conjures not only a plethora of majestic countryside, but smoothly duplicates the awe and delightful appreciation of those landscape spectacles.

Strings, serene bongos, romantic accordion, and delicate harpsichord strains inject engaging flavor to these charming compositions.

Reminiscent of ECM recordings, this release is an enjoyable addition to any EM enthusiasts’ collection.

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