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EM Collections: Audiobulb Records, Fateless Flows Music, Spheric Music

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VARIOUS ARTISTS: Intricate Maximals (CD on Audiobulb Records)

This release from 2005 features 79 minutes of illbient compositions.

Featured are tracks by:

Autistici: a moody dose of mechanical ambience.

Prhizzm: goaded on by hissing e-perc, chaos slowly manifests a central harmonic.

Calika: erratic clicks and buzzings coalesce.

Diagram of Suburban Chaos: sighing cybernetics interweave with distorted sounds and truncated vocal syllables.

Taavi Tulev: metallic impacts and clanking bottles provide a beat for some high altitude atmospherics.

Cedar A.V.: conventional instruments take a stab at accompanying illbient aspects.

Marion: playful piece employing futurist sounds to an anthem.

Claudia: a hesitant piece of minimalism.

Unscan: pulsations are trampled by machine beats and ethereal tones.

Disastrato: discordant elements strive to conquer melancholy.

Effacer: a soothing piece utilizing mutated bells and reasonable clicking.

Ochre: an urgent track that seems determined to snip away the end of every sound.

Room: enduring textures punctuated by subtle effects.

Another Electronic Musician: a vibrating backdrop hosts an electrified display.

Build: a pleasant dose of ambience is set upon by insidious cybernetic insects.

Rodolphe Kuffer: quirky embellishments duel for supremacy.

Robin Judge: crunching sounds mix with an advancing beep.

OTI: astral harmonics are gnawed upon my nanobots.

Fans of Autechre and Merzbow will enjoy hearing what newcomers are doing in this concrete genre.

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VARIOUS ARTISTS: Shadowmath (Fateless Flows Collective Vol. 2) CD on Fateless Flows Music)

This release from 2005 features 73 minutes of versatile EM created by musicians from the Los Angeles area.

Contributors include:

Indicia: seductive rhythms are enhanced by surging electronics and treated lilting voices.

Appogee: vocal snippets surface amid a pleasantly grinding EM tapestry.

Kathie Talbot: a cinematic piece livened by insistent percussion and sweeping sensibilities.

Dream Electric: electrified impacts conspire with blooping harmonics.

Tripform: languid textures support stately beats and trippy effects.

The Luxury Tax: an ambient track fights to hold off rock inclinations.

Zygote: illbient e-perc augments a lush pastiche of sighing electronics.

Surface 10 Activity: harsh whirrings and discordant notes form an alliance.

Another track by the Luxury Tax: dynamic rhythms chase a fleeing melody.

A second piece by Appogee: desert guitar lends an arid flair to unpredictable techno.

Constant Flux: agitated cybernetics harry peaceful female crooning.

Another Dream Electric track: abrasive e-perc accretes a frenzied harmonic.

Another piece from Kathie Talbot: regal melodies are deconstructed into a swaying commotion.

Mr. Soon: snappy rhythms frolic with techno keys.

Niture: elongated tonalities swim with hissing tempos.

Vic Hennegan: symphonic EM blended with a touch of sedate ambience.

Subversive Element: a rising tide of machinery generates a haunting air.

And a finishing track by Surface 10 Activity: a plethora of samples combine to form a diffident coda.

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VARIOUS ARTISTS: Syntonic Waves, Vol. 9 (CD on Spheric Music)

This release from 2004 features 73 minutes of previously unreleased EM tracks.

Included on this release are tracks by:

Skylander: a lively tune with frolicsome e-perc and flutish outbursts.

Startle B: a more sedate piece with organ and crystalline keys trembling underneath durable rhythms.

Miroslav Mirocho: an uplifting tune that combines nimble-fingered piano with swishing electronic effects.

Joh & Marvin: a chillout track that intertwines engaging riffs with an atmospheric ambience.

Christian Zander: a surging piece that infuses machines with jubilance.

Descon-Mission: a pleasant excursion into mildly energetic drifting.

Alien VS: an extraterrestrial appraisal of modern conflicts set to imperious harmonics.

Reuter/Nies: a pensive piece with softly locomotive urgency.

Liese & Kopper: a slice of yesterday styled in the Berlin School of Electronics, circa the late Seventies.

Lambert: a spry track that employs symphonic keyboards and rhythmic propulsion.

Bay: a dreamy piece that utilizes peppy pulsations in conjunction with sweeping ambience to achieve an arid disposition.

Dayflight: a homage to DrumíníBass with urban overtones.

Traumklang: a regal dose of EM with twinkling keys and mounting e-perc that slowly evolves epic proportions.

Ralf Weiden: a majestic closer that tastefully emulates Vangelis.

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