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David Lee Roth is Diamond Dave

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DAVID LEE ROTH: Diamond Dave (CD on Magna Carta Records)

This release from 2003 delivers 46 minutes of ostentatious rock'n'roll.

Joining Diamond Dave on this CD are session musicians: Brian Young on guitar; James LoMenzo on bass; Ray Luzier on drums; Scott Page on saxophones; Lee Thornburg on horns; Jeremy Zuckerman on keyboards and guitars; Alex Gibson on accordion and percussion; Zac Rae on keyboards; Toshi Hiketa on guitar; and Nathan Jenkins on sound and fury. There are two "bonus tracks" that feature special line-ups, including: Edgar Winter, Omar Hakim, Nile Rodgers, Tracy Wormsworth, Greg Phillinganes, Greg Bissonette, James Hunting, Ron Richotte, Brett Tuggle, and the Crowell Sisters.

Among the tuneage are some classic favorites made famous by the Beatles, the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and Steve Miller. Also featured are a few songs penned by Diamond Dave: an old school blues ditty, a raucous ode to thugs, and a piece of sonic theater.

You cannot have Diamond Dave around without a certain amount of flash and extravagance, these traits follow the man like an inescapable fog.

The tunes are a solid blend of overt rock and rhythm'n'blues with a touch of cafe ballads thrown in for good measure. The guitars squeal and wail, the bass rumbles, the drums pound, the keyboards slip and slide. The horns inject an air of grandeur, while some harmonica adds a homespun edge. A taste of funk is present too, delivering delicious divergence to the steadfast rock'n'roll spectacular.

Diamond Dave's vocal stylings explore more than his signature lascivious screams here. He croons, he seduces, he scats, he muses--but mostly he rocks with silken timbre and harmonious shrieks. His voice retains that edginess that captures attention, while exuding that power that delivers his every syllable to the back seats with front-row power. Every lyrical line reeks of curvaceous platinum blondes and stylish shades and dazzlingly pastel leisure attire--a fusion of Riviera beaches and Las Vegas stadiums.

Once assembled, these aspects generate a satisfying good time for those who miss the flamboyance of rock'n'roll of bygone days.

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