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The Eclectic Pop of Escape Pod

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ESCAPE POD: Losing Control (7-inch Single on Dead Digital)

This single from 2003 offers an all too-brief dose of eclectic pop.

Combining raw electronics and low-fi folk sensibilities, Escape Pod generates a sound that is haunting but reassuring. The minimal electronics are finely restrained to the point where the sparseness creates a lusher sound than the components, a flow expertly embellished by the vocal harmonies that describe unrequited wishes. Sedate drums and gentle guitar flesh out the compositions, delivering the ethereal sound into more accessible territory.

Comparable to the Pixies and Beck, Escape Pod's music provides a serene access to tuneage of less demanding quality, providing sonic refuge among airwaves overcrowded with harsh noise.

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ESCAPE POD: Winter (CD EP on Dead Digital)

This CD EP from 2004 offers 9 minutes of eclectic pop.

More mixture of electronics and homey folk sentiments. Guitar strains flow with comfortable synthesizers, propelled by easygoing, unobtrusive percussion. Toy-like electronics are counterbalanced by almost harsh bass-heavy tones, generating a completeness that captures the rest of the music like a butterfly pressed between the pages of a sturdy book. Organic piano lends a classical edge to the last of three songs on this EP, while that high-brow demeanor is balanced by a shrill synthetic edge that masterfully conveys a modern, mechanical touch to the folksiness.

Breathy vocals elucidate the songs, crooning the virtues of reclusive habits that take solace from snow-covered landscapes and curling up with a good book.

The topic of these tunes revolve around a lifestyle uninterrupted by modern stress or worries. A surprisingly satisfying diversion from the pomp or vapidity of most commercial music.

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