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RORICAT: Uki Uki (CD on Horus Cyclic Daemon)

This CD from 2002 features 72 minutes of superbly crafted electronic music.

Roricat is a Russian duo consisting of: Julica Rorica on voices and magic, and Eugene T on guitars and machines.

Prepare to be astounded.

Layers of crystalline guitar strains are interwoven with languidly lively electronics and sparse hand-drum percussion. When put into words, it sounds so minimal, yet what this duo create is a brilliant dose of highly melodic electronic music that oozes with a blend of human passion and alien disposition. The mood is often icy and abstract.

Wavering tonalities pulsate with synthetic effects, while gentle percussion contributes a pittering tempo. Treated guitars drift like ghosts through the mix, caressing the melodies with an ethereal touch that is quite indescribable. A bevy of inventiveness is utilized to create these tunes, resulting in hyperactive pastiches of gentle demeanor. While the individual sounds may be simplistic, their unity creates a lavish gestalt that is nothing short of amazing.

There are a few tracks that display a more substantial Roricat, in which attempts are made to produce modern rock tunes (sans vocals and commercial desensitization, of course). To say these tunes are successfully would be a gross understatement, for they blaze with wondrous glory and are equal to the challenge of comparison to any of the best.

These compositions are lush despite their minimal structure, and emotional despite their calculated motif. It is quite rare to find such an overabundance of vivacious creativity on one disc. The songs vibrate with promise, both artistic and holistic. Soothing harmonics become fused with subtly jarring components, accomplishing a remarkable sonic experience that will leave a deep impression on any audience. Even listeners who normally possess little interest in electronic music will find themselves instant converts to Roricat.

Some vocals are present, but they remain non-verbal and are subjected to extreme treatments until they emerge like a chorus of cartoon angels crooning from high altitudes.

Remember the first time you heard Brian Eno's "Another Green World"? Roricat's "Uki Uki" is guaranteed to elicit that sense of savory awe and endearing enjoyment.

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