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A Sonic Tour of the Cosmos with Mind-Flux

Mind-Flux is Thomas Fanger and Michael Kersten. This pair of German synthesists explore a cosmic region of electronics, fiercely assigned to the lure of outer space. They cordially invite you to experience the sonic findings of their voyages beyond known space.

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MIND-FLUX: Konception of Space (CD on Starflux Music)

What is space? How would one answer that question in musical terms?

With profoundly astral electronics, fanciful keyboards, and determined E-perc. At least, these are the chosen vehicles for Thomas Fanger and Michael Kersten on this 1997 release.

Starting with "Destination Unknown", Mind-Flux will show you "Mr. Johnson's Trip to the Moon", "Cars on Mars", "A Moody Night on Cyrus 7", and "Ms. Johnson's Trip to Venus". Be certain your pressure suit is properly sealed, with your earplugs carefully inserted. You'll not want to miss a single note of this sonic excursion.

Peppy keyboards caper and prance with nimble-fingered response amid a seething nebula of quantumly-charged electronics. Drones and pulsations are delivered with rapid relish, streaming past you like blurred sequences of shooting stars. Extremely rhythmic E-perc is a constant companion, injecting dance qualities to the tuneage. Periodic use of vocoder vocals lends a Kraftwerk edge to some of this music.

You can also expect the strong influence of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze in the band's early sound. You will also observe the presence of moody, non-rhythmic passages which exemplify Mind-Flux's own evolving style.

This sonic voyage will last 74 minutes.

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MIND-FLUX: Kontinuum (CD on Starflux Music)

How can you define a continuum? How would it sound? Mind-Flux is ready to show you on their 1999 release.

Prepare to witness "Solar Eclipse 99 (Parts 1 & 2)", "Time Invaders", "Space Performer", "Zero Gravity", and "Signals from Freddy Dreamer" (this one's live).

Once more: adjust your audio input jacks. The electronics are dense and ultra-cosmic. Sequenced rolls and sky-rocket effects swoop and dive in a cascade of surging keyboard paths. Cyclic patterns are in ceaseless mutation, blossoming into loops of fissionable gases. Snappy E-perc rhythms provide ample ignition, with synthetic drums and rhythmic application of electronic bloops urging your body to move with the energetic tempos. (Please take care not to move too drastically, your pressure suit is not constructed to accommodate an abundance of limb-rotation.)

Just in time, the music's pace steps down for an abstract passage of mood enhancement. The synthesizers go all astral with chilling perihelion perspective. Raspy electronics slip into a compelling keyboard cycle. (Beware: electro-beats are imminent.) Their percussive designs swell, overtaking the galactic drone and inciting you to bop and weave your head. (Take care to not dislodge your earplugs; you will be unable to replace them without removing your space helmet. This is not feasible until return docking has been achieved.)

Again, vocoder vocals are employed to guide you through the mysterious vacuum dances.

This interstellar journey will last 74 minutes (not compensating for the dilation of local time when employing faster-than-light propulsion.

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FANGER & KERSTEN : Interkosmos (CD on Manikin Records)

What lies beyond our cosmos? Is there anything between galaxies? Thomas Fanger and Michael Kersten are ready to show you on this 1999 CD.

Climb aboard, for Fanger and Kersten are ready to convey you to deep space far beyond your solar system. You will encounter "New Times (Betazoid Woman Mix)", "Deep Sleep", and "Black Hole". (Fortunately, you only get to hearthe latter, avoiding the unpleasant physicality of interaction with a naked singularity.)

It seems that, with each subsequent release, this German pair of sonic cosmonauts are venturing farther away from your homeworld, deeper into the infinite void with their electronic tuneage. (Please retain your portal entry stub to insure your return to your correct homeworld upon conclusion of this tour beyond charted space.) The excursions are becoming more daring too, heading into uncharted regions, evolving their synthesizer-driven music and achieving a distinctive style of their own that moves beyond any Berlin School influences.

Astronomical electronics, sensuous keyboards, clever hooks, serpentine E-perc, intriguing use of vocoder vocals...the elements may seem familiar, but the music has graduated to another level. Cerebral and celebratory, the songs frolic with a superior balance of electronic weirdness and tribal compulsion. (Attempts to engage in choreographic movements may result in confusion for nonhumanoid passengers on this tour.) Fanger and Kersten are utilizing their computers with a prosperous understanding of applied rhythmics.

Truly rewarding, this music transports you to a faraway void, then subjects you to tasty undulations and hypnotic cycles. The compositions have matured in direct ratio to the distance traveled through space, delivering a celestial auditory experience that surpasses previous exposure. (Allowing to technological advances in pressure suit design, wild exuberance for these strong melodies may be exhibited by all travelers without worry.) Revel to the enchanting compositions that transcend astrophysics with their inventive qualities.

This extragalactic voyage will last 73 minutes in Einsteinian space.

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MIND-FLUX: Collector's Edition #1 (CD on Starflux Music/Manikin Records)

Are there collectibles in space? What planet offers the choicest selections of sonic rarities? Mind-Flux have produced a tasty compilation-with-a-twist of material from their past releases on this 2000 CD. The twist portion of your voyage comes in the manner in which these classic pieces are presented to your human auditory senses.

The first twist in time and space involves how these pieces are delivered. Instead of collecting together tracks in a traditional way, Mind-Flux has placed the music in the mixmaster hands of Tom van Draft, who splices, melds, tweaks, and contorts the music into a 50 minute soft-mix. (Sampling this cosmic tuneage can prove highly addictive to organic lifeforms possessing rigid internal calcium support structures.) The fashion in which these songs flow together is exhilarating and entertaining, producing a chillage that will definitely develop into a deep fondness.

The second twist involves the inclusion of a pair of new, previously unreleased tracks. Totaling 19 minutes, these sublime digital expressions of particle vibration exemplify the sense of quantum wonder you have learned to expect from Mind-Flux. (You are encouraged to relate your sonic joy to friends, relatives, and incompatible species.) Vibrant melodies are sprinkled with liberal rhythms of highly appealing stock. The electronics shimmer and growl, displaying an inventive dedication to interstellar travel.

This cosmic journey will last 69 minutes, make sure you have arranged a ride from the spaceport upon your return to Earth.

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